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When to Call a Professional for A/C Repair in Morrisville, PA

No one likes having air conditioning issues in the middle of a hot summer. It can make your home hot and uncomfortable very quickly. When your air conditioner breaks down, it is important to get fixed quickly and correctly. If you’re in need if A/C repair in Morrisville, PA, these are common air conditioner issues that you should call a professional for instead of trying to fix yourself.

When to Call a Professional for A/C Repair in Morrisville, PA

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can be easily diagnosed if you see something leaking from your air conditioner. Refrigerant leaks are harmful to the environment and can negatively impact your air conditioner’s performance and energy efficiency, so you should get that fixed quickly. We will fix your leak, test it and ensure your system has the correct amount of refrigerant to keep it running.

Seized Fan Motors

Your air conditioner needs fan motors to keep the compressor from overheating, which can happen easily on a hot summer day. It can cause internal damage and potentially even a fire, so you should get it look at right away.

Loose Electrical Connections

Loose electrical connections in your air conditioning system can disrupt the flow of electricity to your air conditioner, and they can cause fires. If your air conditioner is having electrical problems or you see smoke, you should turn it off and call for help.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

A dirty air filter, low refrigerant or blocked return air ductwork can impact your air conditioner’s airflow, which results in frozen evaporator coils. If you see ice forming around the coils in your air conditioner, you should turn it off and call for help before it causes more problems.

Defective Compressors

If your air conditioner is shorting out or the motor is burnt out or broken, the problem is likely a defective compressor. Leaky valves make it much more difficult to create pressurized gas, which can lead to many problems.

If you are experiencing any of these problems or there is smoke or your air conditioner just shuts down, do not hesitate to contact Chud Air Conditioning and Heating for A/C repair in Morrisville, PA. We will fix the problem and get it running in no time.

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