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Water Heater Repair

Fast Effective Water Heater Repairs In Montgomery County, PA

While water heater problems can pop up anytime, they always seem to happen at the worst time! On a chilly morning when you want a nice warm shower, when you are expecting visitors to stay or when you need to wash a load of laundry in hot water. 

Water heaters are major appliances that do a lot of work behind the scenes and become a major inconvenience when they stop working. For fast, quality water heater repairs, the team at Chud is ready to fix your water heater today! 


Common Water Heater Problems

  • Temperature Problems - The point of a water heater is to heat your home’s water. If it is not heating it enough, then something is going on with your unit. If your water is lukewarm or straight up cold, there could be issues with its thermostat, heating element or a crossed connection.
  • Water Leaks - Water heaters have a number of connections involved in allowing water to move in and out frequently. From time to time those connections need to be tightened or replaced as they will begin to leak.
  • Discolored Hot Water - If you noticed that your hot water is not clear, it probably means that you need to flush your water heater. Over time sediment can build up in a tank and should be flushed regularly to prevent that sediment from building up too much and clogging the lines.
Plumber Repairing Hot Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater Repairs

  • Sediment Build Up - Did you know that tankless systems need to be flushed regularly too? If they are not maintained, sediment can build up and cause damage to the system.
  • Blocked Exhaust - Tankless systems have an exhaust or way to vent air. When it becomes blocked for some reason, the system will not work properly.
  • Ignition Or Flame Problems - When either your ignition won’t generate or your flame won’t keep, your system won’t be able to heat your water. This could be caused by an empty gas tank, not fully opened lines, or a part failure, among others.

Chud Provides Quality Repair Services

While in many cases a repair will be the right solution, in others it would be best to have your water heater replaced instead. With the help of our expert team at Chud, we can determine what is wrong with your water heater and the best option for you moving forward. Connect with us today at 215.659.4343 to learn more or to schedule a service!

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