"After talking with the people at Chud, it became clear I needed a new system. The one that was in my house when I bought it had rusted out due to improper venting and back flow of condensation. All the people I worked with were very courteous and went over every aspect of the job with me. They even fixed a couple of extra issues they weren't aware of initially without changing my original quote in order to make sure the job was done right."
Meadowbrook, PA
"Rich Chud was who came to my home and went over my options. He listened to my concerns about utility bills, request for efficiency and my overall concern of keeping my house warm for my family. His estimate came in very competitive from the start. I had multiple quotes. He also made himself available for any questions as I educated myself or the products and process. The the install confirmed my choice. The installers John, Brian and Steve were top notch. Extremely professional and polite. They acknowledged my 2 year old every time he talked to them throughout the whole day. They also stayed late to go over everything with me."
Blue Bell, PA
"My heat exchanger was diagnosed with cracks by another company. They recommended that I replace the heater, rather than replace the part on my 12 year old furnace. They quoted me a price, and then I went shopping. I went on-line and found CHUD, and 2 other local Lennox vendors. CHUD set up an appointment with me, went through the house to see the existing setup, and sat down with me to go over their findings. They made a few recommendations, and before they left, I was convinced that this was the best option. They were very flexible with the date and time to set up the appointment. They arrived earlier than the appointment time (at my request). Removal and installation was done in a timely and clean manner. Installers were very friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all the questions that I had, and even some that I did not have. Would recommend highly."
Willow Grove PA
"Very professional. We were very happy with all aspects of the installation of the Lennox A/C/ furnace. The pre quote visit was very informative. The quote provided us with various options of cost and performance. All commitments were met regarding delivery and installation. We have had the unit for over a month and are really impressed with the quiet operation and reduction of operating costs. We would highly recommend Chud to anyone contemplating a new AC/furnace."
Warrington, PA
"Chud put in a new heating and cooling system. The price and the installation were great. No surprises, no games. The installers were extremely professional. They explained everything they did and showed us every detail that was important."
Dresher, PA
"The CHUD installers were on time for my install. They were courteous and professional. They finished the install ahead of schedule and completed the job according the expectations that were carefully explained to me. The Lennox furnace is working beautifully. I highly recommend them!"
Abington, PA
"Chud Indoor Air Comfort offered three options in proposal along with rebates from the electric co , Lennox. I was extremely pleased . Our 22 year old gas fired heater needed to be replaced and Chud A/C & Heating was recommended by a neighbor and a good friend. Rich Chud inspected our old heater and explained that a new Lennox heater would be lower in height, more efficient at 95% or 96% based on three models I could choose from. I was concerned because I had replaced our central A/C unit eight years ago with a Lennox model and I did not want the A-coil and copper lines to be disturbed if at all possible to prevent a refrigerant leak. He felt his installers could support the plenum and A-coil by straps to ceiling when the old furnace was removed depending on how the plenum was attached to the furnace. I wanted to know how installers would transition between the new Lennox heater and plenum . He assured me the sheet metal transition would be formed onsite with Pittsburgh joints and would be a smooth transition with additional sealing with a cork type seal and silver foil tape around plenum to transition sheet metal. He answered my questions regarding condensate drain piping and exhaust gas transition piping such that I knew he was a very knowledgeable on installation of Lennox products. He assured me that the electronic air cleaner and Aprilaire humidifier would be reattached without an issue. He sent the proposal by email with three choices of Lennox heaters. I chose the 96% efficient model with Variable Speed blower motor. The installation of the Lennox heater went really smooth with three installation technicians from Chud removing old unit after supporting the plenum, forming up the transition sheet metal and were able to complete the installation and testing of new furnace with a new programmable thermostat in one day. The technicians explained the settings on the thermostat and removed all debris from our basement upon completion of installation. They did a great job and would recommend them to anyone I know."
Dresher, PA
"Chud exceeded my expectations. When shopping for a new HVAC system, I was in a fortunate position where I did not have to get one right away. The system I had was functioning fine, it was just getting old (24+ years). I chose Chud after interviewing / getting quotes from three contractors covering three of the most well known brands of HVAC systems. All three contractors were highly rated, premier dealers for their respective brands. All three quoted me with a reasonable price range given the specifications of the system and scope of work. My decision really hinged on my comfort level with the installer. Rich Chud provided me my estimate, and he was my point of contact throughout the sales process and installation. One thing I noticed right away about Rich is that he was able to identify issues with my existing duct work that other contractors failed to observe and/or mention. He also talked me through some of the considerations and challenges that would present themselves during the installation. I felt he wasn't just selling me a system and an installation, but rather he was looking at the whole picture. Throughout my initial meeting with Rich, I gained the impression that he was very forthright and honest in his business dealings. He did not pressure me at all, and I did not get any sort of sales guy vibe from him. He's a nuts and bolts guy who will do what he promises. After about a week of back and forth via email on the scope of work and system specs, I chose Chud for my business. I ultimately went with a 96% AFUE heater and 17 SEER AC unit based on my preferences and the rebate structure. The installation took place over the course of two days. Chud's technicians were clean and courteous. They seemed to stay on task throughout the course of the installation (no smoke breaks, no wasting time, etc). They were flexible with their schedule to accommodate my personal plans (they worked longer on day 1 so that they would be clear of the house earlier on day 2). Rich stopped by on both days to review the work and check on my satisfaction. I was very pleased with the final results. I would recommend Chud A/C and Heating to friends, family, and neighbors. As for the product, I am very happy with our system. Due to the late fall installation, we have not used the AC other than to test it. The outdoor unit is extremely quiet! Similarly, the fan on the heater is so quiet we rarely know the system is running (other than the warmth). We really like the iComfort thermostat. It's easy/intuitive to use and program, especially if you're even mildly proficient with a smartphone. It's probably the only thermostat I've ever taken the time to setup programs on. I like that I can control it remotely from my phone. Also, rebates from Lennox and my utility were easy to apply for through their respective websites."
North Wales, PA
"Our furnace of 52 years - - that Chud had serviced for many years - - succumbed to old age on a Tuesday and within 48 hours our new furnace was running. As senior citizens we are very pleased with Chud's service - - on time, professional (reliable, clean service), and honesty. The installers were more than competent, answered all of our questions, and polite."
Warminster, PA
"I am a long-time customer of Chud, and have valued the services of the father (Don), the son (Rich), and the Holy Ghost (often cited by the father). Vinnie is also a good serviceman to deal with. In short, a good service to deal with. I especially like the fact that they respond so promptly to my requests for a visit."
Rydal, PA
"They were outstanding on all levels. Chud Company was great to work with and Rich Chud put my mind at ease in making the decision to have a new Lennox air conditioner and heater installed. He assured me that the technicians who came to my home were good at what they do, and he was right, because they did a fantastic job. I did not have any anxiety about having them do work in my home. It was a very positive experience from start to finish."
Willow Grove, PA