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Willow Grove PA Heating Air Conditioning

Chud has provided air conditioning, heating, water heater, air quality and duct cleaning services to the residents of Willow Grove, PA and the surrounding areas since 1970! We're committed to providing first class air conditioning service to all of our clients.

How much does it cost to repair an AC unit near Willow Grove?

The cost of repair can vary widely, with the typical cost of air conditioning repair ranging between $200 and $400. The average homeowner spends approximately $350 on unclogging the filter, restarting the system and cleaning the unit. A homeowner may expect to pay $175 for maintenance service, which includes a filter change. You could expect to pay approximately $500 for drain cleaning and refrigerant inspection at the higher end of the repair service. 

It’s tempting to DIY some repairs to try to save money, but without proper HVAC training, you could be setting yourself up for an even bigger repair bill. Instead, make sure to have a professional repair your AC unit.

What are the signs of a bad HVAC capacitor?

Some air conditioning problems may be solved by homeowners with a simple do-it-yourself fix or repair. When it comes to a failing AC capacitor, though, your home's HVAC system will require expert assistance

Here are some of the most typical signs of a faulty AC capacitor.

  1. One of the first symptoms of a problem is an air conditioner that does not pump cold air. Try turning your system off and on again, and if the problem persists, you'll need to get expert assistance.
  2. Is the cost of your electricity gradually rising? A defective AC capacitor might be the source of the problem. The more energy your air conditioning system needs to use to perform its function, the harder it has to work.
  3. When you switch on your air conditioner, pay attention to how it sounds. If your air conditioner makes a buzzing noise or is slow to start, your capacitor may be deteriorating.

Does your air conditioner take a long time to start up once you turn it on? This is also an indication of a faulty or deteriorating AC capacitor.

How long should a HVAC system last near Willow Grove?

Most HVAC systems will last 15 to 25 years on average, although this estimate can vary greatly depending on the kind of system and other contributing elements. The key to making your HVAC system last is regular HVAC maintenance. With regular tune-ups, you can extend the life of your system by up to 50%.

We're the AC experts. But don't take our word for it. Check out our reviews and find out why your neighbors consider us to be their nearby Willow Grove, PA heating and air company that specializes in air quality and duct cleaning.

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