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What Is Short Cycling and Why Should You Call a Northampton A/C Professional?

Northampton A/C

Short cycling is a common problem. It can cause your air conditioning unit to operate inefficiently and struggle to keep your home cool. That means you may experience sky-high utility bills and a house that is unbearably hot. Your A/C unit may also wear out and need to be replaced soon, which can be costly. If you experience short cycling, contact the Northampton A/C professionals at Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, & Duct Cleaning right away.

What Is Short Cycling?

An air conditioner that is working properly powers up the compressor and continues to run until the house reaches the desired temperature. When an air conditioner is short cycling, the unit gets stuck in a startup cycle. The compressor shuts off early, before the house has cooled off. An A/C uses the most energy when the compressor starts. When the compressor keeps starting over and over, it uses a lot more energy than it should.

Short cycling can also cause the compressor to overheat. It may eventually burn out and have to be replaced, which can be expensive. It often makes more financial sense to replace an entire A/C unit than to install a new compressor.

Short cycling can have several causes. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a dirty filter, and other times it’s an air or refrigerant leak. There may also be a problem with the thermostat. Or, the air conditioning unit may be the wrong size for the house.

Call a Northampton A/C Contractor for Help with Short Cycling

If your air conditioner is short cycling, it’s important to contact a professional immediately. Ignoring the problem will allow it to get worse. Not only will you have to suffer with hot conditions indoors, but you may also have to pay exorbitant energy bills. Allowing your A/C to continue short cycling can lead to serious damage. You may even have to replace the entire system.

A technician from Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, & Duct Cleaning can figure out what is causing your A/C to short cycle. Our professional team can make repairs to take care of the problem. Call (215) 659-4343 to schedule an inspection.

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