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Air Filtration

Air Cleaners Remove Harmful Particles From The Air You Breathe

Today’s homes are carefully and tightly constructed for maximum energy efficiency. However, this means they also trap dust, allergens and harmful contaminants in your indoor air. Air filtration systems capture those contaminants and allergens to provide a better breathing experience for you and your family.

Chud Air Conditioning, Heating & Air Duct Cleaning offers different tools for air filtration, each of which have select benefits for the air in your home:

Honeywell Air Cleaner MERV 11

This air cleaner captures a high percentage of household airborne particles including microscopic particles you can’t see. Honeywell Air Filters are far more effective and efficient than standard one-inch fiberglass filters, and they have the added ability of lasting up to a year. Installation is a breeze and they come in accommodating sizes to fit a variety of HVAC units.


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Healthy Climate Air Cleaner MERV 16

This filter cleans air throughout the home capturing up to 95% of fine particles and allergy-aggravating irritants. The media filter removes a minimum of 95% of circulated dust and particles from .3 micron and up. The filter also removes up to 95% of mold spores from your indoor air.

PureAir Air Cleaner MERV 16 + UV Light

This system features the Lennox Carbon Clean MERV 16 pleated filter which traps particles as small as .01 micron. It also features a 55-watt fluorescent UVA lamp that is low power consumption. The system’s PureAir Cartridge captures and destroys odors and chemical vapors. This filter removes 95% of problem particles like dander, dust and pollen. The filter also removes microorganisms such as mold spores, viruses, dust mites and bacteria. You won’t find a better filter with UV light.

Outstanding Air Filtration From Chud

To learn more about air filtration and the options that will suit your HVAC needs, call Chud today at 215.659.4343 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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