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Decrease Your Indoor Air’s Humidity Level

If you are noticing there is excess humidity in your home’s air, you should consider getting a whole home dehumidifier. When your home’s humidity level begins to exceed 60%, your home and health can be negatively impacted. A whole home dehumidifier provides a great solution to remove unnecessary humidity and maintain a healthy moisture level in your home. To get our whole home dehumidifier services, call us at 215.659.4343 today!

Why Too Much Humidity is Bad For Your Home

There are a variety of issues that can occur if your home has high levels of humidity. The following damage can happen to your home if your humidity levels are too high: 

  • Mold or mildew growth on your walls or ceilings. 
  • Rotting of your wooden floors and furniture. 
  • Peeling wallpaper or flaking paint.

These are the primary issues that can begin to occur as your humidity levels get too high and out of hand. You will generally be able to tell if your home’s humidity levels are too high because you will be able to feel the humidity in your indoor air.

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How Excess Humidity Can Affect Your Health

Just as high humidity levels can affect your home adversely, it can also affect your health. High humidity levels can cause the following health issues: 

  • Heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
  • Higher susceptibility to infections. 
  • Throat and skin irritation. 
  • Dehydration. 
  • Fatigue and fainting. 
  • Muscle cramps. 

If you experience any of these health issues, you should have your home’s humidity levels checked to see if you have a humidity issue in your home.

Benefits of a Whole Home Dehumidifier

Getting a whole home dehumidifier has many benefits. A whole home humidifier can provide the following benefits: 

  • Energy savings on your cooling. 
  • Improved comfort in your home.
  • Better overall health. 

When you have a healthy amount of humidity in your home’s air, you will have less adverse health reactions and your home will also undergo less damage. 

Get a Whole Home Humidifier Today!

How a Whole Home Dehumidifier Works

A whole home dehumidifier is typically installed directly into your HVAC system. As your dehumidifier senses high humidity levels, it works to remove the excess moisture from the air before it is then transferred throughout your home. As excess moisture is removed from your air, it is captured in a tank or water line.

Reasons You Need a Dehumidifier

You may need a dehumidifier for your home for various reasons, such as: 

  • You have asthma or allergies. 
  • Your home has mold or mildew.  
  • You get sick frequently. 
  • You notice excess humidity in your air.

Getting your home’s humidity levels under control will greatly improve your health and the comfort of your home. To find out more about getting a whole home dehumidifier installed, contact us today!

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