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A/C Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

HVAC Warminster PADuring the summer, the last thing you want to worry about is an air conditioner that isn’t working. Routine maintenance can improve your system’s performance and energy efficiency, lower your utility costs, and help you avoid expensive repair bills. You can complete some tasks yourself, but in other cases, you should trust a professional for HVAC Warminster PA.

A/C Maintenance Tasks You Can Do for HVAC: Warminster PA

Before you begin to perform any maintenance on your air conditioning unit, turn off power at the indoor circuit breaker and on the exterior condenser/compressor.

You can clean and replace your A/C’s filter yourself. This job is simple and can keep the system working efficiently. Use the right filter for your A/C and check the manufacturer’s recommendation so you know how often to replace it. You may need to change the filter more often if you use your air conditioner a lot or if you have pets in your home.

Your A/C’s outdoor unit can get covered with dirt, grass clippings, and leaves. Those types of debris can block airflow and make your system inefficient. Plants and bushes can grow and gradually block the A/C unit. Periodically cleaning the area around the A/C, removing debris, and trimming vegetation near it can prevent problems.

Remove the fan cage from the exterior condenser/compressor and use your hand or a wet/dry vacuum to extract debris. Remove the covers from the fins and clean them with the brush attachment on a vacuum, then spray them with a garden hose. Don’t use a pressure washer because that can cause damage.

Open the evaporator coil door on the inside blower/furnace unit. Dust off the coil with a brush, then clean it with a coil cleaner spray. Clean the drain pan with soap, hot water, and a small amount of bleach. Then pour a solution of half water and half bleach down the drain.

Maintenance Tasks You Should Leave to Professionals

If your HVAC Warminster PA has a refrigerant leak, a seized fan motor, a defective compressor, or a frozen evaporator coil, call Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, and Duct Cleaning at (215)659-4343. We can send a qualified technician to your home to quickly diagnose and fix the problem.

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