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How Does Your Heating System Affect Indoor Air Quality?

If you are keeping your heating system in good shape by keeping up with maintenance tasks, your indoor air quality should be great. But if your air filter is old or you don’t clean out your vents regularly, the indoor air quality could be poor, and could even make you sick. If you need help maintaining your HVAC system in Southampton, PA, Chud Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help.

HVAC System in Southhampton, PA: How Does Your Heating System Affect Indoor Air Quality?

How your heater affects air quality

Your heater will collect things like mold, dust, and dirt when it’s not being used in warmer seasons. When you turn your heater on in the winter, you don’t want to have unclean air pumped through your house. Replacing your air filter regularly and keeping your HVAC system clean will ensure that you’re only getting clean air flowing through your house.

If you don’t keep the system clean, the mold and dirt can make you sick, which is no fun in the winter. It can also dry out the air, which can make your skin and throat dry out. It can even make your wood furniture and cabinets dry out and splinter. If you are having respiratory issues that just aren’t going away, you see your houseplants drying up, or your carpets are giving you frequent electric shocks, it may mean that your HVAC system needs to be cleaned out. If you let it go for too long without cleaning, your heater could emit carbon dioxide that will make you even sicker.

Maintaining your HVAC system in Southampton, PA

The first step to keeping your HVAC system clean to improve air quality is to regularly replace the air filter. It’s an easy fix that can make a big difference. Consult an HVAC professional on how to perform more advanced cleaning and regular maintenance.

If cleaning your HVAC system in Southampton, PA doesn’t help the air quality in your home, it may be time to call the experts to diagnose the problem or to install a new HVAC system if yours is very old. We can recommend the best options for you and your home. For heating questions and repair, contact us today to see how we can help you get clean air in your home this winter.

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