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HVAC in Abington, PA: What Counts as an HVAC Emergency?

Maintaining your HVAC units will help keep things running smoothly, but sometimes emergencies still happen. If you need your HVAC in Abington, PA repaired quickly, Chud Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help.

HVAC in Abington, PA: What Counts as an HVAC Emergency?

Benefits of maintaining your HVAC unit

Keeping on top of maintenance can help prevent emergencies, and there are many other benefits, too. Regular air conditioning maintenance can improve energy efficiency. By sealing leaks, replacing dirty filters, and cleaning coils and air ducts, maintenance prevents your air conditioner from working harder than it has to and wasting energy.

The air quality in your home or business will improve if you regularly clean your air filters. Filters should be cleaned or replaced every season because they collect dust and dirt, which can block up your air conditioner. Maintenance will also keep your air conditioning unit running longer. Taking preventative measures and properly cleaning can reduce many problems and save you from replacing your entire system.

HVAC emergencies

HVAC maintenance can help reduce problems, but emergencies can still happen. So what exactly is an HVAC emergency, and what do you need to do?

A common HVAC emergency is the air conditioner breaking down on a very hot day. The heat can be uncomfortable, but if you have young children or elderly parents in your home, the heat can be dangerous. If temperatures outside are 90-100 degrees, your house can become very hot very quickly. You’ll want to get your air conditioner fixed as soon as possible.

The same goes for your heater breaking down on a very cold day. Some cold days in Pennsylvania can get down to the single digits, so it can be very dangerous to have children or elderly family members without heat on those extremely cold days.

If there is a safety concern with an HVAC unit, it is likely an emergency and should get checked out by a professional quickly. This includes gas leaks or smoke. That could lead to a fire or health concerns, so you should get a professional diagnosis quickly.

Emergency repair for HVAC in Abington, PA

If you are experiencing an emergency with your HVAC in Abington, PA, Chud Air Conditioning and Heating has emergency services, so contact us today and we can help fix your problem in no time.

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