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Boiler Replacement In Montgomery & Bucks County

Keep The Heat On In Your Bucks County Home With Expert Boiler Replacement

Even if you do absolutely everything right taking care of your boiler, at some point – it’s going to fail to the point it can’t be fixed. While that’s not a day you want to think about, you can take comfort in knowing that the pros at Chud Air Conditioning are there for you. We’re ready, willing and able to help you choose the right updated boiler for your home and install it with precision craftsmanship. Put your trust in us and we’ll take care of your home’s boiler replacement needs for the next decade and beyond.

Does My Boiler Need Replacement?

The first question to think about when it comes to boiler replacement is your unit’s current age. If it’s over 10 years old, it’s in your best interest to go ahead and start looking into replacement. These devices have an expected operational lifespan, so by the time you’re hitting the decade mark you’re getting close to the end. Don’t get us wrong – your boiler could go humming along another five years. But the chance of a catastrophic failure – which almost always happens at the worst time – gets a lot higher.

How do you know if your boiler needs a service?

When you hear rumbling and rattling sounds coming from the boiler, it usually indicates that something is wrong. One possibility is that the circulating pump is faulty and shaking within its casing. Because this is one of the few mechanical parts of the boiler, it must be monitored. If the sound is coming from inside the boiler tank, it is most likely due to a buildup on the bottom of the tank, which will cause overheating and reduce the boiler's efficiency.

What are common boiler problems?

The most common issue with boilers is a constantly failing pilot light.

The pilot light is the small gas burner that is always lit on your boiler. A draft blowing out the flame or a build-up on the gas nozzle could cause the pilot light to go out.

A broken thermocouple, on the other hand, could be cutting off the gas supply. The thermocouple is a boiler safety device that detects temperature changes in your pilot light and alerts you if it goes out.

How much does a new boiler installation cost?

The average cost of a boiler replacement is $7,938. Depending on the size and type of boiler you purchase, you could pay anywhere between $4,290 and $10,070, with the following factors influencing the price:

  • Size: More powerful boilers are more expensive.
  • Fuel: Most boilers run on natural gas, propane, or heating oil, but some also run on electricity or wood.
  • Brand Name: While most boilers are priced similarly regardless of brand, some high-tech brands are more expensive.
  • Installation: Different fuel types have different installation requirements. The higher the cost, the more intensive the labor.
  • System type: Because of the way boilers heat and store water, some systems are more complex than others, affecting labor and installation costs.

What Are The Signs My Boiler Needs Replacing?

There are a number of things you can look for to see if your boiler is sending you clues its time has come:

  • Higher Energy Bills – If your heating bills are jumping way higher than you expect in the winter months, it could mean your boiler is working harder than it should. That lack of efficiency points to fundamental issues with the unit.
  • Awful Smells – This is a two-fold concern; on the one hand, bad smells coming from your boiler could just mean there’s a minor leak somewhere. On the other hand, it could also mean that leak is carbon monoxide, propane or other dangerous chemicals. Get it checked immediately.
  • Loud Noises – Your boiler shouldn’t sound like the front row at a Metallica concert. If your boiler is making a lot of loud, banging noises, it’s got issues you need to address.
  • Visible Corrosion – If you’re starting to see a lot of rust and other corrosion around your boiler and its piping, you’re on borrowed time. That corrosion can quickly lead to leaks that at best will cost you money and at worst can be dangerous.
  • No Heat When You Need It – When you turn on your heat, or your hot water, and you don’t actually get any heat? It doesn’t get much more obvious than that.

Call The Pros & Watch Your Worries Boil Away

Our expert technicians at Chud Air Conditioning can not only help you choose the perfect new boiler for your home, but also install it with precision and care so it lasts a good long time. If you’re in the market for a new boiler, contact us online or call us at 215.659.4343 today!

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