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Heating Replacement

Furnace Installation in Montgomery or Bucks County

All of the equipment in your home has an average life expectancy. No matter how well you care for that furnace or heat pump, it’s probably going to wear out in about 10-15 years time. When your heating system is ready for replacement, you want to be sure that you’re trusting experienced professionals to install a new furnace or heat pump in your home.


Custom Full Hvac Residential Install
How much does it cost to install a furnace in Montgomery County PA?

A complete furnace installation costs between $4,820 and $9,350 on average nationwide. This covers the cost of the furnace itself as well as labor charges, ductwork, removal and disposal of the old furnace, as well as any additional installation fees or improvements. Depending on the furnace's location, the size of your house, and the model, you may have to pay a different amount.

What size HVAC system do I need for my home in Montgomery County PA?

Research the ratings of the style you prefer once you've decided which type of AC is best for your house. Ratings for air conditioners are typically determined by their cooling ability and energy efficiency. It's a good idea to be familiar with those two representations as you attempt to determine "what size AC unit do I need?" The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of a system denotes its energy efficiency, and the cooling capacity is expressed in tons or BTUh (British Thermal Units per Hour). Use this information along with the total square footage of your living space and you should have a good idea as to what size HVAC unit you need. 

How long do gas furnaces usually last in Montgomery County PA?

A properly cared-for furnace can last for at least 15 to 20 years, and by performing annual maintenance and being prompt with repairs, you can increase the lifespan even further. Furnace lifespan can be somewhat subjective, depending on how often you are willing to make repairs and when the cost of those repairs makes a replacement more cost-effective.

How Do I Know My Heater Needs Replacement?

There are some telltale signs that it’s time to consider replacing your heating system beyond the age of the system. Here are a few of the most common signs:

Your furnace needs to be repaired frequently. Frequent repairs are a great sign that your system is going to need to be replaced. If the cost of a proposed repair is half the price of a new system, it’s recommended that you replace your system now.

Energy bills are increasing. Rising energy costs can be the result of your system becoming less and less efficient. Replacing your system will save significant money and utilities.

Your furnace is visibly damaged or rusted. Cracks and rust on a system are a sure sign that the system needs to be replaced. 

Home humidity becomes a problem. Often when a system is failing, air quality, including home humidity, will pay the price. If you’ve noticed a significant decrease in moisture with your aging system, it might be time to get that system replaced.

Dirt and dust are on the rise. Maybe you’ve noticed an increase in dust throughout your home, both on surfaces and circulating in the air. This could be the result of a failing system that needs replacement. 

Your furnace is humming, buzzing or rattling. Unusual noises can be a sign your furnace is on the way out. They could indicate cracks, leaks or other structural issues with the furnace. 

If you’ve noticed these or other signs that your furnace may be aging beyond repair, it’s time to consider a replacement with Chud Air Conditioning, Heating & Duct Cleaning. We will assess your home and determine the best heating solution for you.

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