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Heating Repair

Chud Will Fix Your Heater in Montgomery & Bucks Counties

It’s the dead of winter and you keep hearing your furnace clanging and banging in the night. Who can you call that has the experience and authority to repair your heating system at a time you need it most? 

Chud Air Conditioning, Heating & Air Duct Cleaning provides round-the-clock emergency services for your urgent heating system repairs. We’re here to help whatever the time of day or day of the week. We’re here to make sure we get you back up and running so you’re prepared when the coldest weather hits.

Furnace Manometer Checking Gas Pressure
What are signs I need heating repair?

When your electric bills suddenly skyrocket in comparison to how much they usually are in the winter, this is one of the first signs that something is seriously wrong with your heating system. While utility companies do raise rates on occasion, they usually do so gradually. If your bill skyrockets, it could be because you're having to use increasing amounts of heat just to keep your home warm, indicating that your heater is no longer operating properly.

Are some areas of your home extremely warm, while others remain cold no matter how high you set the thermostat? This is another common issue in homes with faulty heating system ductwork, particularly in older homes. It's well worth having a professional investigate your heater and ducts to determine and correct the source of the problems.

Should I repair or replace my home heating system?

A furnace has an average lifespan of 15-20 years; after that, the system begins to fail more frequently. Repair costs should be relatively low and effective if your furnace is less than ten years old. If it has been 12 years or more, it is time to replace it. Consult an expert if your furnace is less than ten years old and still giving you problems.

What maintenance is needed on a furnace?

First, keep up with changing furnace filters. Do it every 90 days if you have no pets, every 60 days for pets, and every 30 days with a HEPA filter if someone in your household suffers from allergies. When you don't change your filters on a regular basis, particles accumulate and slow airflow, resulting in less efficiency.

Second, clean your burners every three months. After turning off the furnace and closing the gas valve, disconnect the burners and wipe them down. At the same time, clean the flame sensor, which detects whether the pilot light is on. Remove it and wipe away any dirt with a cloth.

Third, beginning at the shut-off valve, inspect the gas line for signs of leaking, such as a hissing sound or the distinct smell of propane. If you hear a hiss or smell propane, turn off the main valve and contact a professional right away.

Heating Repair Signs

What are some of the signs that you might need a heating repair?

  • Loud Noises - If you hear any loud noises coming from your heater or furnace, this is a sign you should call in a Chud technician for a professional assessment of your heater’s condition.
  • High Bills - Outrageously high heating bills are a sure sign that you need to have your heater examined by a professional.
  • Constantly Have to Adjust the Thermostat - This indicates that your heating system should be checked out by a professional. Sometimes this can be a simple issue with your thermostat or it could mean that your heating system isn’t quiet doing the job.
  • Poor Air Quality - When your heating system needs to be repaired, often your air quality suffers. At first you might notice an increased amount of haziness or stuffiness in your home. Then you might see an increased amount of respiratory problems in your family. At the same time, you could notice an increase in dust in the home - this is another poor air quality sign.
  • Short Cycling - This happens when your system turns on for a short time, turns off and then turns on again. Short cycling can be caused by an overheated heat exchanger. This is yet another sure sign you need to call in a professional to repair your heating system.

Loud noises, sky rocketing bills, a constantly adjusted thermostat, poor air quality and short cycling are just a few of the signs that your heating system needs to be repaired. If you’ve noticed this or your heater is simply failing to adequately warm your home, you need the professionals at Chud Air Conditioning, Heating & Air Duct Cleaning. Call 215.659.4343 today or schedule service now to have a professional diagnose and repair your heating system today.

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