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Easy Tips for Saving Money on Air Conditioning Bills

Summer in Newtown, PA is in full swing, and people are running their air conditioners at full blast to keep cool. If your air conditioning bills are getting more and more expensive, we have some easy tips for saving money on air conditioning bills in Newtown, PA to keep your bills low and still keep your home cool.

Easy Tips for Saving Money on Air Conditioning Bills | Newtown, PA Trusts Chud for Repair/Installation

Replace your filters

A dirty or clogged filter can stop the flow of air and cause your air conditioner to overwork. This can cause your air conditioning bill to increase significantly, and may put too much strain on your A/C system. This can lead to more frequent repairs. Simply replacing or cleaning your air filters every few months can avoid these big bills and extra breakdowns.

Keep window treatments closed during the day

Even with modern windows that block more UV rays, the hot sun can still heat up a house. Keeping your blinds and shades closed, or at least mostly closed, will help keep your home cool during the hottest parts of the day.

Seal any leaks in your home

If air is leaking through gaps in your windows, doors, or even walls and floors, it could cause your air conditioner to overwork to keep the cool air from escaping. Make sure any gaps are sealed to keep your home cool and your air conditioner bill low. Proper insulation is important both in the summer and in the winter.

Use your grill or outdoor cooking appliances

Cooking on the stove or oven can really heat up a house, especially if you cook often. Take advantage of the nice weather outside to do some grilling. You can even install outdoor hot plates or other cooking appliances to do more cooking outside. You can also take advantage of all the fruits and vegetables in season this summer and make some dishes that don’t require any cooking.

These easy tips for saving money on air conditioning bills will keep you cool all summer long. If your air conditioner isn’t working properly and you need air conditioning repair in Newtown, PA, contact Chud Air Conditioning and Heating and see how we can help.

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