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Air Conditioning Replacement

Installing a New AC in Montgomery & Bucks County

Is your AC 10 to 12 years old? Does it struggle to keep up with the cooling demands of your household? Do you have high energy bills from running the AC more than you’d like? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your air conditioning system could be due for replacement.

You might also want to consider replacing your system if it requires a repair that’s more than half of the cost of a new air conditioner. Chud Air Conditioning, Heating & Air Duct Cleaning can install a new system today.

How Do I Know My AC Needs Replacement?

Are there other ways to determine if your AC is on its last legs? Check out these signs that your AC could use a replacement.

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How much does it cost to replace an existing AC unit?

Replacing an air conditioner could cost anywhere from $4,350 to $12,095. This covers the cost of labor as well as the cost of the AC unit and installation permit. The following are some of the elements that might influence the cost of replacing your air conditioner:

  • The system's capacity/power.
  • Efficiency.
  • Modifications to any HVAC equipment that you aren't replacing.
  • Installation expenses.
  • Rebates and tax incentives.
What size air conditioner do I need for my home?

An air conditioner requires 20 BTU per square foot of living area as a general rule. However, other factors such as ceiling height and the size of your windows and entrances may necessitate extra cooling capacity. Multiply the length by the width to determine the size of your space. To get the most accurate sizing estimate possible, have a licensed HVAC technician evaluate your space and make a recommendation.

Should I replace or repair my home air conditioner?

The quickest way to determine whether to repair or replace your home AC unit is to follow the 5000 Rule. Simply multiply the cost of repair by the age of the unit. If the total is greater than 5000, replace the unit; if it’s less than 5000, go ahead with repairs. Generally, the older the air conditioner, the more likely that replacing it is the most cost-effective path. 

  • Your AC uses R-22 coolant. R-22 was the industry-standard refrigerant in the past, but it has been discovered that it’s a dangerous greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. As such, it’s no longer produced and new AC units use different refrigerantsIf your AC uses R-22, consider an earth-friendly upgrade.
  • Your system is inefficient. Newer air conditioning systems are much more efficient than those from years past. One way to compare efficiency is to look at the SEER rating. If your AC’s SEER rating is under 14, you can save significant  money by using a newer more efficient unit.
  • You have frequent breakdowns. If you find that you’re calling Chud or another company in to repair your AC pretty regularly, it’s time to consider a new unit. Especially if the cost of repair would cover a large part of the replacement, it makes more sense to get a new unit than to continue to patch up the older one.
  • Your AC doesn’t cool the house enough. If you notice that you’re always adjusting the thermostat and finding that rooms aren’t getting enough cool air, this could be the result of you having an AC that isn’t big enough to suit your home. Regardless, if your AC is failing to meet your needs it’s time to consider replacing your unit.

Call Chud For AC Installation

Seasoned technicians will tell you that installation day is important in the life of an AC unit. When you have a new AC installed in your home you want to ensure your installers are experienced professionals trained in the latest HVAC technology. 

When you want your new system installed, call 215.659.4343 for professional, skilled installation. You can also schedule service onlne today.

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