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Air Conditioning Repair

Fixing Your Air Conditioning in Bucks & Montgomery Counties

It’s August and your AC system is struggling to keep up with your demands. After you adjust the temperature, the cool air starts to blow but it doesn’t ward off the worsening heat. You turn on a box fan and keep messing with the thermostat but nothing seems to work to bring relief. Who can you call for help? 

Chud Air Conditioning, Heating & Air Duct Cleaning is on hand for these exact situations. We know what steps to take to troubleshoot what is going wrong with your air conditioner and we know how to execute solutions for great results. When your air conditioner needs repair, we’re just a phone call away ready to help in any way that we can. With emergency services available 24 hours to repair your AC, and address any other HVAC emergencies. 

Residential Air Conditioner With Heat Pump
How do I troubleshoot my AC in my house?

When you're having AC problems, try the following DIY AC troubleshooting tips:

  • Look for a clogged air filter. Your air conditioner is "suffocated" by a filthy filter. Do you notice the dirt layer on the filter? The amount of air your air conditioner can breathe is limited by the dirt.
  • Check the settings on your thermostat. Seems obvious, but it happens frequently, especially as the seasons change from heating to cooling.
  • Check the circuit breakers serving your air conditioner. If your AC circuit breakers have been tripped, reset them to the ON position and attempt operating your air conditioner again.
  • Examine your exterior unit. If there is a coating of dirt on the outside of the device, clean it with a hose on a soft setting.
  • Examine all of the air vents in your home. Many homeowners block supply vents in areas that aren't in use because they believe it will save them money on their energy costs. However, in reality, this will cause an imbalance in airflow that could damage your duct system and lead to costly repairs.
Why isn’t my home air conditioner turning on?

If you can't get the air conditioner to turn on at all, you're most likely dealing with a blown circuit breaker or fuse, an incorrectly adjusted or malfunctioning thermostat or a faulty internal switch.

Check to see if the AC is getting electricity from the electrical panel. Reset the circuit breaker and see if this resolves the problem. Check to see whether your thermostat is set to "cool" rather than "off" or "heat." Also, check for extra water in your condensate overflow tray. When water is gathered, there may be a sensor on your tray that switches the AC unit off.

Why isn’t my home air conditioner cooling my home?

Filters that are blocked are perhaps the most prevalent source of AC cooling problems. Filters can become clogged by dirt, pet hair, pollen and dust. When filters get clogged, they impede the passage of air through your air conditioner. As a consequence, your air conditioner is unable to efficiently chill your interior air. Filters that are clogged might cause problems with your system's interior evaporator coil and outdoor condenser unit.

What Are Some Signs I Need AC Repair?

  • It’s hot! When your system can’t cool your home effectively, no matter what the setting, you know you need to call in a professional. A system in disrepair will work inefficiently, causing your home to heat up even though you have it set to chill. Try cleaning your filter and coils to see if this will help the cool air start flowing.
  • There’s not enough airflow. When your system can’t blow a significant amount of air out of the vents this could be the result of a blockage in duct work, a clogged filter or something more serious like a broken motor.
  • Your air is overly humid. High humidity is expected outside during the summer months but with a properly working AC, the humidity on the inside of your home should be well-balanced. When there is too much moisture in your indoor air, this could be a sigh the air conditioner is not working sufficiently.
  • It has short cycles. You shouldn’t hear your AC turn on repeatedly after short periods of time while sensing more humidity in the air. This kind of cycling can sometimes be resolved with a tune-up but it can also be a sign your air conditioner is in need of replacement.
  • Something smells rotten. A bad odor coming from your air conditioner system can be a sign of mold growth. Sometimes your system can be cleaned or another solution, such as a UV light, can be used to stop microbial growth. A visit from a professional should give you a sense of the next step to take. If you notice any of these characteristics or any others such as rattling noises or pooled water around your AC, you’ll want to call a professional technician in as soon as possible.

Call Chud For Air Conditioning Repair, 24/7

When your AC stops working, we understand that this is an emergency situation. Your comfort is our top priority. When your air conditioner is in need of repair, call 215.659.4343 immediately. We can be there ASAP to make sure you and your family don’t have to sweat it. Schedule a repair online today.

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